I got my bike brake lights yesterday
and they are super cool.

Amazing bike brake light, what a well-thought-out product!!!

Thanks so much for coming up
with such a great product.

I use my LucidBrake daily.
I just love having a bike brake light!

Deceleration Light for cyclists

So what is a LucidBrake ™?

Simply attach the LucidBrake to your bike, helmet, backpack, or elsewhere, add two AAA batteries and ride. There's no wiring at all, not even an on-off switch. That simple, that easy to use, and it works great! LucidBrakes self-adjust to mounting angle, road grades, and bumps, making it the most intelligent brake light on the market.

  • Prevent cyclists injuries
  • Be more visible when riding in traffic
  • Feel more secure when on your bike
  • Patent-pending all rights reserved

We've taken bicycle safety lights to a new level with the LucidBrake. There are 2 braking modes - normal and emergency. If you stop very suddenly, LucidBrake will not only signal braking, but flash several times to get the attention of the others in close proximity to you.

There are also 2 fun beacon modes in addition to the brake light, so you will be even more visible with these 8 ultra-bright LED's constantly alerting others to your presence nearby.

LucidBrake is a brake light with incredible built-in intelligence. After it self-adjusts to the way you've mounted it, it filters out noise the road noise and normal cycling movements to signal true deceleration.


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  • Lucidbrake
  • Price: $89.99
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Last updated: Saturday, December 20, 2014