Wouldn't it be nice if bicycles would all have brake lights?
Now they can!!! Introducing... the LucidBRAKE

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This bike brake light is the must-have safety product of the year for #bicycles everywhere!



The latest model
  • No-wires
  • Press-on
  • Wearable brake light
  • 4 beacon modes
  • automatic "sleep/wake" mode
  • Not just a tail light, but a true brake light!
  • Regular AAA or rechargable batteries
  • while supplies last

100% satisfaction guarantee

Customer Reviews:

  • "This bike brake light is the must-have safety product of the year for #bicycles everywhere!"
  • "I love how bright it is!"
  • "Can see the LEDs clearly - even in the daylight."
  • "Nothing else even comes close to touching the amazingness of the LucidBrake!"
  • "I highly recommend the motion sensing Lucid light
    to any motorcycle rider who wants to be be better seen
    by the driver behind him and give early warning to
    them of his brake application. My Lucid light has been
    operating perfectly for close to 2 years now."
    Benny - Texas

Why do you need a LucidBrake? So you can be more visible. The costs of even a minor bicycle accident is staggering. Here is a statistic about the overall cost of reported bicycle accidents:
Costs per patient vary dramatically, averaging $19,521 for pedalcyclists under 15
and $56,198 for older (over 15) pedalcyclists.

* Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine.

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Inventor showcase: Celebrity Judge's Comments:

"Fills a REAL consumer need. Excellent product!!!"
"Innovative and fun, but also so practical. Amazing. Well done!"
"Winner - Invention of the Year!"

The Brake Light - Reinvented! Exclusively from LucidLights, LLC

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